Imagine being capable of create animations at the go! Animation apps make that possible. If you are entering into the sector of 3d animation and lack a effective PC for advanced software program, do not worry. Numerous apps are to be had for down load on Android and iOS devices to cater in your wishes.

Choosing the right animation app from the plethora available on the app shops might seem daunting. However, we’ve finished the tough give you the results you want. We’ve curated a listing of the top 10 free 3D animation apps tailored for novices. These apps are labeled for each Android and iOS customers, making it smooth so one can select the precise one for your tool.

Let’s start through exploring the best 3-D animation apps for Android:

Top three-D Animation Apps for Android

1. Doodle Maker

2. Prisma3D

3. Plotagon Story

4. Toontastic three-D

5. AnimeTok 3-d

Doodle Maker:

Doodle Maker is an modern video modifying software program that empowers you to create doodle films in over thirty languages. With its user-pleasant interface, you can unexpectedly produce expert-searching films to fit your possibilities and wishes. This platform is a game-changer, permitting you to craft advertising videos efficaciously and with top-notch excellent.

Key Features:

  • – Choose from a whole lot of templates to suit your wishes.
  • – Record your own voice for a personalized touch.
  • – Harness the energy of artificial intelligence.
  • – Access a library of over 100 male and lady voices.
  • – Store images inside the built-in library.
  • – Add your watermark to the films.
  • – Enjoy a commercial license and unfastened software program updates.
  • – Create video animations on chalkboards, glass forums, or whiteboards.


  • – User-friendly interface.
  • – An AI-powered video rendering engine.
  • – There is no limit to the usage.
  • – Adjustable watermark selection.
  • – affordable.
  • – Smooth transitions between styles.


  • – Limited front-end products with individual licenses.
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Get ready to start your 3D animation journey with these unique apps, all designed to make creating animations fun and hassle-free.

2. Prisma3D

Prisma3D: Animation, 3D modeling, and rendering

Prisma3D stands out as an animation creator app, equipped with a tool for animation, rendering and modeling. This versatile application not only offers intuitive 3D animation but also includes tools for creating 3D logos, introductions, modeling and virtual reality content. Its multi-touch functionality ensures effortless navigation in 3D space.


  • – Using 3D objects such as Cubes, Spheres, Planes, Cameras, or Lights.
  • – Handle objects by Deleting, Renaming, or Copying in the application.
  • – Simplify complex tasks with more options and controls.
  • – Change the colors using the color selection tool.
  • – Apply textures and groups seamlessly with Prisma3D.
  • – Import a variety of 50 different 3D files.

3. Plotagon Story

Plot Story: Your 3D animation studio

Google Play Store

Plotagon Story appears as a 3D animation creator application for Android, which allows you to create art, storytelling and cinematic experiences. This app brings your story to life allowing you to express your creativity through animation.

Plotagon Story offers multiple backgrounds, character traits, accessories and costume options for customization. Manufacturers are constantly introducing new and exciting products, increasing your creativity.

Special Features:

  • – Showcase your creativity through customized videos.
  • – Being a part of your own movie scene by creating characters based on yourself, your favorite celebrities, or your closest friends.
  • – Record your own voice and use sound effects and music to enhance your animation.
  • – Seamlessly share your finalized 3D animated videos on platforms like YouTube and various social media apps.

4. Toontastic 3D

Google enhances Toontastic with 3D storytelling capabilities

Toontastic 3D gives you the ability to draw your own cartoons, breathe life into them through animation, and weave interesting stories through storytelling. This app simplifies the creative process—just move your character across the screen, add your unique voice, and add animations. Toontastic captures and saves your contributions, resulting in animated 3D animation videos.

Special Features:

  • – Dive into a world of swashbuckling pirates, transformative robots and fun villains, and an array of fascinating characters to elevate your artistic expression.
  • – Use 3D drawing tools to sculpt your own individual characters.
  • – Seamlessly integrate your 3D animated creations using images and customized characters that color match.
  • – Mix your stories with a collection of in-app songs that complement your soundtrack.
  • – Share your finished 3D animated video by exporting it directly to your phone library.

5.AnimeTok 3D Animation App

AnimeTok 3D Animation App: For animation enthusiasts and professionals

Animatoc is emerging as a 3D animation creator application catering to animation enthusiasts, storyboard artists, game developers, professional animators and students alike. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow make it easy to display characters in 3D space. Beginners can use this app as a plug-and-play tool to keep their 3D characters fun and develop their animation skills.

Special Features:

  • – Use an unlimited number of keyframes to craft and edit animation clips.
  • – Use timing editor for seamless playback of any animation clip, ensuring smooth playback speed.
  • – Benefit from features such as Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics, increasing animation loop capabilities.
  • – Select from a wide range of characters.
  • – Dynamically animate the character’s skin.
  • – Start animating immediately with AnimeTok’s simple interface and slow learning curve.
  • – Teaching skeletal metamorphosis and rotation using a keyframe animation-based timeline.
  • – Create multiple animations and characters in a single project, with automatic progress saved.

Top 3D Animation Apps for iPhone and iPad

Discover the best 3D animation apps for your iPhone and iPad, each offering a unique creative experience.

1. 3D Design

3D animation Software: Create & Draw in 3D Working with Autodes

3D Design features versatile 3D CAD modeling and augmented-reality visualization tools that are accurate with lifelike interactions. Designed for iPad and iPhone, this app lets you create and modify 3D models, starting from basic classical shapes, using freehand techniques and precise measurements. Choosing that subscription opens the door to the loading and sharing design, which has been updated to match Apple’s latest signature certificate.

2. Shade3D Mobile

Shade3D Mobile: 3D analysis in 360 degrees | The price of the app goes down

Shade3D Mobile makes the most of the iPhone’s 360-degree multi-touch gestures, giving you a clear view of your 3D model from all angles. Turn your device into a 3D presentation tool with this application, offering 5 Shade3D scene models and 5 sample images.

Special Features:

  • – Quickly use flick and pinch gestures to visualize 3D layouts, increasing the speed of processing 3D files.
  • – Optimized file management and transfer with Shade3D mobile.
  • – Support Shade scene file format.

3. Anim8

Intelligent three-D animation for iPad and iPhone

Embark on a creative journey with Anim8, a simple and stunning three-D animation app for iPad and iPhones. Reliable through 3500 colleges worldwide considering 2015, Anim8 offers 3-d animation capabilities for kids and adults. The user-friendly interface and seamless workflow of this app makes it super desirable for novices.

Special Features:

  • – Straightforward interface and slow learning curve caters for beginners, animation-type speed.
  • – Requires effective articulation on all rigs, which facilitates effortless full body animations.
  • – Use several graphics tools to cartoon out the key pose immediately on the display.
  • – Create poses with perfect timing and benefits of Onion Skin features.
  • – Seamless integration with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter allows for easy sharing and importing of your finished animation work.

4. Verto Studio 3D

Verto Studio three-D: bridge design and mobile testing

Download Verto Studio 3-D for Mac users, from pro 3-d modelers and hobby designers to newbies involved in 3-d content recognition, Verto Studio 3D versatile software provides the answers. It is a platform for rapid 3-D mockups or creating complete cellular software environments. The difficulty is to seamlessly integrate the system with cell analysis. This device boasts the ability to import, export, view and edit 3-d images of various sizes. Additionally, use the built-in shader or the precisely targeted GLSL shader editor to generate your own custom shader results.

Catering to a spectrum of users from experienced 3D modelers and game developers to newbies venturing into 3D content creation, Verto Studio 3D offers a versatile software solution that acts as a platform for rapid 3D mockups or crafting advanced mobile application environments . . . . What is unique is the seamless integration of the design with mobile testing. The tool has features like importing, exporting, viewing and modifying 3D models of different sizes. Additionally, use the built-in shader or the precision-focused GLSL shader editor to create your own custom shader effects.

Special Features:

  • – Built-in shaders, including reflectance/refraction environment mapping, BRDF, bump mapping, and more.
  • – The render pipeline editor simplifies multistep post-processing effects, along with an integrated blending operator.
  • – Enhance your creative process by changing transition handles for translation, rotation, and scale functions.
  • – Multiple camera modes including top, bottom, left, right, front, rear and open perspective.
  • – Simultaneous camera view through convenient 4-view split screen.
  • – Engineering and CAD user-friendly orthographic projection techniques.
  • – Effective in the ability to control camera parameters such as FOV angle, near, far plane.
  • – Make the most of the new iPad’s retina display for optimal on-screen real estate.

5. XYZmaker 3DKit

XYZmaker 3DKit: 3D modeling for beginners

Designed with beginners in thoughts, XYZmaker 3DKit offers a vibrant, artistic area for 3-d modeling and design, catering to instructional and imaginitive desires. Whether for frolicsome creations or realistic three-D printing ventures, this app merges those studies seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • – Intuitive use of modeling gear to nurture spatial concepts and produce your world to life.
  • – Diversify your designs with a whole lot of to be had 3-d model packs.
  • – Personalize your creations by means of choosing and making use of colourful colorings.
  • – Embrace the gaining knowledge of curve with in-app and on-line video tutorials.
  • – Integration with XYZprinting three-D printer for streamlined printing and tracking.

6. Sketch 3D Animation Apps

Unleash your layout prowess with Sketch 3-d, a dynamic device for sculpting three-D models at your fingertips. This app allows the exchange of fashions with others and invites you to percentage your designs via the Public space.

Key Features:

  • – Directly import 3-D content from the browser or e mail, supporting codecs like Collada DAE, OBJ, 3DS, and STL (for 3-D printing), amongst others.
  • – Embrace flexible import/export options, which include iCloud Drive, iTunes File Sharing, and Apple CloudKit Service’s Public location.
  • – Seamlessly integrate with AirDrop.
  • – Support for Quad faces, ensuring smoother surfaces.
  • – Employ Subdivision for polished surfaces.
  • – Harness mirroring abilties for green modifying.


This curated list aims to help you find the best 3D animation app for your device. These user-friendly apps are perfect for beginners, boasting simple interfaces and minimal learning curves. Now it is still up to you to choose the app that is compatible with your device’s operating system.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which is the top 3D animation app?

Answer: The best method depends on the operating system of your device. Consider using apps like AnimeTok or Toontastic 3D for Android devices. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, options like 3D Design or Anim8 are recommended.

2. How can I animate a 3D object?

Answer: If you are new to animation, you can use built-in keyframes or templates to better animate your 3D objects.

3. Where can I find free design tools?

Answer: The list given above includes several free 3D animation applications. You can easily download these apps on your mobile device and start animating for free.