Top 10 Free Whiteboard Animation Software In US

Are you trying to find free softboard animation software that is of good quality? Are you in need of a free whiteboard video maker for an impending project? The top free whiteboard animation software is provided below, suitable for both personal and professional use.

Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos

A engaging concept and the appropriate resources are needed to create a whiteboard animation video. Making powerful explainer videos has gotten a lot simpler with the advent of free whiteboard animation software and whiteboard animation after-effects resources. Several free programs that might assist you in making engaging videos are revealed in this post. You can make engaging videos by combining these techniques with your audio. Remember to convey your point even if you choose to incorporate some of your favorite tunes.

What is the purpose of the animated whiteboard movies? Compared to typical videos, whiteboard animation has various advantages that make it more appealing to a wider range of viewers. The benefits are as follows:

1. Grabs attention and maintains it.

2. Makes things more memorable.

3. Concisely and virtually presents records.

4. Provides adaptability.

5. Offers a lot of variation.

6. is compatible with mobile devices nicely.

Making a whiteboard video is highly recommended for efficient product or service advertising. Examine the top 10 free options for whiteboard animation software to create incredibly creative films. Learn how to get historical effects and whiteboard video creators for personal and commercial usage.

For creating animated video content, whiteboard animation software is an invaluable resource. It gives users access to features including text integration, audio mixing, coloring tools, pre-designed templates, and an image collection to enhance their videos. Businesses, individuals, and organizations use whiteboard animation software for a variety of purposes, such as employee training, product advertising, and the creation of interactive content.

Why Opt for Animation Videos Instead of Conventional Ones?

The number of online users is continuing to rise in today’s digital landscape, and there is a rising preference for engaging animated content across multiple domains. Six out of ten people, according to statistics, use online videos for education, entertainment, and information sharing. Whiteboard animation videos have become increasingly popular, whether used for training or educational purposes.

Whiteboard animation videos are incredibly effective at streamlining complex concepts and promoting improved engagement. Animated content is preferred because it offers a deeper level of engagement than traditional or lifelike videos.

Comprehending Whitеboard Animation Softwarе

A whiteboard animation software allows for the interactive presentation of stories or ideas through a series of drawings on a computerized whiteboard. Particularly in educational and marketing contexts, it has revolutionized the conventional method and gained favor with marketers, educators, animators, and more.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos

Making whiteboard animation videos is a dynamic process that strikes a balance between interactive elements, entertainment, and explanation. Using Whiteboard animation software, follow these step-by-step instructions to create online animation content:

Step 1: Innovative Content: Write a script that will drive your video’s narrative, or start with some creative and captivating content. Since the content is the basis of your animation, its quality is crucial.

Step 2 : Create a storyboard in step two that outlines the characters and plot of your content. Storyboards function as the guide that will be converted into the finished video.

Step 3: Style Selection: Think about the aesthetic style you want to use for your chalkboard animation video. Glass board and notebook are two themes that are available in both open-source and premium whiteboard animation software, enabling you to personalize the appearance and atmosphere of your videos.

Step 4: Harmonious Style and Color Scheme: Make your whiteboard animations more visually appealing by experimenting with different stroke styles and color palettes. These tools, in addition to several style options, are usually included in the best whiteboard video makers.

Step 5: Finishing Touches: This step involves incorporating animated elements onto your whiteboard video. This involves adding text, lines, and effects; modifying the timeline; including audio elements; and choosing background music. These last touches bring the process of creating captivating online whiteboard animation videos to a close.

*Top 12 Opеn Sourcе and Frее Whitеboard Animation Softwarе in 2023*

1. RеndеrForеst

2. Animakеr

3. VidеoScribе

4. Powtoon

5. Raw Shorts

6. Animiz

7. FilmoraPro

8. Explaindio

9. Camtasia

10. TruScribе

11. Vyond

12. EasySkеtchPro

There are numerous free and open-source whiteboard animation software alternatives available in 2023. These programs provide essential features for creating videos of superior quality. The top free whiteboard animation software choices are listed below:

1. Rеndеrforеst

A versatile whiteboard animation tool that caters to businesses and organizations is called RenderForest. It’s perfect for making animated advertisements, business presentations, explainer videos, and promos. Using a variety of animated characters, interactive scenes, and music, ReaderForest enables users to create beautiful animated content. Additionally, animated video templates and other free resources are provided by the software.All your design tools in one place | Renderforest



  • A toolbox for company presentations, 
  • an online video editor
  • audio visualizations
  •  Landing page creator – 
  • Music visualizations – 
  • Site builder – 
  • Outro maker – 
  • Kinetic typography 
  •  Logo maker

*Pricing:* With 30 MB of storage, RenderForest offers a free watercolor animation software alternative sans watermarks. You can choose their ₹699/month plan if you want more storage space and HD video quality.

*Supportеd Dеvicеs:* Windows and Wеb App

*Pros and Cons:*

  • A vast template library and toolkit are at your disposal. 
  • Competitive costing for storage alternatives
  • Graphic interface that is user-friendly 
  • Enables the use of commercial music Pay-per-product prices for individual videos may be somewhat exorbitant. 
  • Taking into account screen sizes 
  • various devices while displaying videos

2. Animakеr

Professionals and enthusiasts alike often choose Animaker for their animation projects. With its drag-and-drop builder feature, creating animation videos is made easier. A collection of more than a thousand image and video templates is provided by Animakеr, which may be used right away to create whiteboard animated content.

Animaker - Wikipedia



  •  Infographic video creators
  • animators; thumbnail creators
  • 2D animators
  • GIF creators
  • character builders
  • instant resizing for social media platforms

Pricing: A free whiteboard animation software without watermarks is called Animakеr for Windows. There are premium options available for more details, go to their product page.

Supportеd Dеvicеs: Windows

Pros and Cons:

  • Make videos for social media that are worthy of publication without any prior experience Effective drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • The graphical user interface could seem outdated. sporadic slowness and skipping problems.


VideoScribe is a state-of-the-art whiteboard animation software designed to efficiently create, share, and distribute video content. Users can test features including text typing, image selection, and voice/music integration during the free trial period.3.

Make Distraction Impossible - Sparkol



  • Watermark 
  • Import/export text files
  • PNG and JPEG sequences – 
  • Voic recording 
  • Drag and drop

Pricing: ₹1271 gets you the software; further information about the pricing may be obtained by requesting a callback. Look into alternative possibilities to find the best video subscription options.

Supportеd Dеvicеs: Windows and Mac

Pros and Cons:

  • Simple creation of brief and interesting videos
  • Facilitates the creation of engaging training modules One could enhance the clipart possibilities. complexities with font and color changes within sentences

4. Powtoon

Powtoon is a free whiteboard animation software that doesn’t require watermarks, which makes it an invaluable resource for producing visually stunning professional videos. With this software, users may easily create brief videos and animations that are ideal for training, teaching, or marketing objectives. Businesses frequently use Powtoon to create Powerpoint videos and YouTube video advertisements.

Split & Swap - New features in Powtoon - YouTube



  • Exclusive typefaces
  • Independent distributor privileges
  • High-end exports
  •  Unrestricted access to content
  • MP4 downloads – High definition video
  • GIF and image file rendering Publication as PPT/PDF 
  • 5 customizable styles

Pricing: Businesses may create eye-catching whiteboard animation videos for free with Powtoon; plans start at about ₹1430 per month.

Supportеd Dеvicеs: Wеb-basеd

Pros and Cons:

  • Boosts video appeal; simple image movement
  • Provides a range of characters with different skin tones.
  • Watermark removal requires another payment.

5.Raw Shorts

The first whiteboard animation software, Raw Shorts, excels at turning text into fully customizable animated videos. This YouTube whiteboard animation software uses artificial intelligence to read, analyze, assemble, and customize text content for labor-intensive video creation. With the animated whiteboard templates provided by Raw Shorts, users can quickly drag and drop different elements to get them ready for sharing and replaying.

Raw Shorts



  • Real estate video templates
  • animated explainer videos
  • motion backdrops
  • stock video integration
  • promotional video maker

Prеmium Pricing: A monthly package starting at roughly ₹4450 is available from Raw Shorts. Furthermore, users get the opportunity to test out the free whiteboard video maker for a limited time during a trial period.

Supportеd Dеvicеs: A browser-based whiteboard animation software that works with any device is called Raw Shorts.

Raw Shorts Pros and Cons


  • Provides the best value for money when it comes to free whiteboard animation software.
  • has an extensive collection of templates.
  • It is user-friendly and simple to use.


  • Restricted authority over transition periods. 
  • Occasionally, glitches may show up in edited videos when viewed using specific browsers.

6. Animiz

Animiz is a free whiteboard video maker that makes it easier to create expert animation content that can be shared and published. This online video maker is available for free during a trial period, during which you may explore its features, including the ability to add watermarks, GIFs, vector images, templates, and charts. Besides these features, Animiz enables users to edit videos, include subtitles, import PowerPoint presentations, and add animation effects.

How to Make A 2D Cartoon Animation Video on Your Own Computer | Animiz Learning Center



  • Voicеovеr
  • Personalized scenes for each project
  • Integrated roles
  • Vector images
  • Voicе modulation
  • Audio merging
  • Bar charts
  • Role editing and sound
  • Animation effects panel

*Prеmium Pricing:* Animiz has a Standard plan with a monthly cost of ₹2190.

*Supportеd Dеvicеs:* Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista

*Animiz Pros and Cons*

  • Animiz is simple to learn, especially with instructional assistance. 
  • In the free version, sound editing and other features are available.
  • Hindi typefaces are not supported by the softwarе.

7. FilmoraPro

An open-source whiteboard animation software called FilmoraPro provides cutting-edge editing features for producing precise video and animation content. It has features including preset transitions, an inbuilt screen recorder, and automatic stabilization to create professional high-definition content for sharing, publishing, and watching.  Users can also use text and title effects, lighting and flares, warp and distort features, and enhance audio quality in addition to adding distinctive styles to each clip.

Review: Wondershare FilmoraPro video editing software: Digital Photography Review



  • Pan and zoom
  • Text and title fields
  • Motion tracking 
  • Audio compressor
  • Easy in/easy out choices
  • Masking
  • Distort and warp

*Prеmium Pricing:* FilmoraPro provides a free trial term for a restricted amount of time. A lifetime license is available for ₹11,379; their product page has more details about the cost.

*Supportеd Dеvicеs:* Windows and macOS

FilmoraPro Pros and Cons

  • This whiteboard video maker offers a number of preset choices.
  • Audio and video files can be uploaded with ease.
  • Quick options for video editing and trimming are available.
  • There can be some overly animated transitions.

8. Explaindio

A free online whiteboard video maker used for 3D/2D animation, motion videos, and doodling sketches is called Explaindio. One essential feature for creating professional video content and adding messages to it is the drag-and-drop interface. Explaindio’s whiteboard video maker makes it simple for users to export and share content.




  • Pre-made text animated graphics
  • Multiple timeline editing
  • Importing images and videos 
  • Hundreds of font
  • Background music tracks 

*Prеmium Pricing:* You may get pricing information about Explaindio by getting in touch with their official website.

*Supportеd Dеvicеs:* Dеsktop softwarе for Mac and Windows PC

*Explaindio Pros and Cons*

  • Both 2D and 3D animations may be easily integrated with Explaindio. 
  • It makes it possible to create full-motion videos, doodlé sketches, and explainers. 
  • It provides competitive cost in relation to other software. 
  • On YouTube, tutorials might not always be readily available.

9. Camtasia

Camtasia specializes on creating videos for presentations and tutorials. This open-source whiteboard animation software uses screen recordings to incorporate effects and templates to produce video content of the highest caliber. It provides versatile and easy-to-use instruments for creating rich, high-definition video content.  During a trial period, Camtasia is offered as a free watercolor animation software with no watermarks.

Create Videos for Social Media With Camtasia Studio - Fresh van Root



  • Quiz maker – Slides and screen transitions 
  • Zoom in/out and pan functions
  • Notes and highlights
  • Screen and webcam recording

Prеmium Pricing: During a trial period, Camtasia is available as a free whiteboard animation software without watermarks. A lifetime license costs ₹20,467, and more information on pricing can be found on their website.

Supportеd Dеvicеs: Windows and Mac

Camtasia Pros and Cons

  • Camtasia provides enhanced editing features. 
  • Users can apply visual overlays, such as logos.
  • Timing and spacing can be easily adjusted thanks to a variety of editing tools.
  • There could be restricted cross-compatibility between the software and various versions. Animation and transitional features can 

10. TruScribе

A whiteboard animation software called TruScribe is frequently used to create unique infographics, whiteboard animated films, or visual recordings. This whiteboard video maker’s Squigl tool converts text into videos that are appropriate for presentations, tutorials, and demos. Hand-drawn whiteboard videos that clarify complex content can be created with TruScribe.The TruScribe Team Expertly Creates Whiteboard Videos for Your Business - YouTube



  • Digital graphic recording
  • Drawn by hand artwork
  • Background images 
  • Editing instruments

Prеmium Pricing: TruScribe provides a free whiteboard animation software that is trial-only for a finite amount of time. Details about premium plan prices are available on their official website.

Supportеd Dеvicеs: Wеb app, iOS, and Android

TruScribе Pros and Cons

  • TruScribе offers a vast collection of cartoons for selection.
  •  There is a music library included in the free whiteboard animation software.
  • Users are able to export Full HD videos in a variety of formats.
  • There is no way to record videos in MP4 format.
  • The user interface might want improvement.

11. Vyond

Vyond Vyond is a professional animated video platform designed to captivate diverse audiences with interactive whiteboard animation. With the trial version of this whiteboard video maker, users can experiment with visual communication techniques to interact with their audience. Businesses frequently use Vyond for internal communication and marketing objectives.

Vyond Studio | Video Creation Solution for Business | Vyond



    • Extended timeline
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Global editing
    • Pre-made templates
    • Updates for Legacy Video Migration

Prеmium Pricing:Details on Vyond’s various pricing plans may be found on their official website.

Supportеd Dеvicеs: Windows 7/SP 1 and latеr vеrsions, and Mac

Vyond Pros and Cons

  • Vyond provides simpler text controls.
  • Demonstrations are accessible.
  • The replacement of objects is simple.
  • There can be a learning curve when you first start out. 
  • There’s no free trial available.

12. EasySkеtchPro

Advanced design tools are available on EasySketchPro to make creating scratch videos simple. Animated video content can be created with this whiteboard animation software’s drag-and-drop features, import options, and uploading capabilities. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and online retailers frequently use EasySketchPro for product advertising.

8 Easy Girl Drawing for Beginners || How to draw a girl || Pencil sketch Tutorials



  • Sketching time slots 
  • Royalty-free images
  • Expertly polished backgrounds
  • Uploading background music 

*Prеmium Pricing:* EasySkeptchPro’s pricing information is available on their own website.

*Supportеd Dеvicеs:* PC and Mac

*EasySkеtchPro Pros and Cons*

  • With EasySketchPro, you can easily create visually appealing videos. 
  • It provides sophisticated design tools for making scratch videos. 
  • Occasionally, users may encounter hang-ups when there is a shift.

How to Locate the Best Open-Source or Free Whiteboard Animation Software

Finding the best whiteboard animation software for your needs might be difficult given the variety of solutions available on the market, especially if you don’t have much experience with them. Consider the following aspects before choosing the best available source for whiteboard animation software to make an informed decision:

1. Pricing:Given that you are searching for open source software, it ought to be free. If you’re new to whiteboard softwarе, start with free options to avoid investing in something you might not completely understand. Take your time, investigate your needs, and discover what suits you the best.

2. Example: Consider attempting a demo version before committing to a specific softwarе. It’s critical to comprehend your needs and the operation of the softwarе. Acquire knowledge of the commands and applications that will assist you in the coming steps.

3. Features: Once you’ve used the demo, familiarize yourself with the features of the softwarе and how they suit your needs. Understanding the resources, capacities, and constraints is essential.

4. Usability: Determine the softwarе’s potential utility for your business. You must comprehend your needs and requirements in order to perform this.

5. Usefulness: Select the softwar that is the easiest for you to use. You will be the only one utilizing it after all. It might not be the best decision if the softwarе doesn’t feel right for you.


Q1: What is the best way to locate a whiteboard animation software?

Seek software with annotation capabilities, picture, graphic, and audio addition tools, pre-built templates, editing features, keyboard shortcuts, zooming choices, and screen recording. The creation of interactive whiteboard animation videos requires these features.

Q2: How do you go about creating a whiteboard explanation video?

The fundamental steps for making whiteboard explainer videos are as follows:

1. Choosing interesting and enjoyable content.

2. Making a storyboard to help visualize the information.

3. Using the ones found in the software to style the storyboard.

4. Enhancing the content using strokes and colors.

5. Adding finishing touches, such background music, text, and audio.

Q3: Arе thеrе any whitеboard animation apps?

Yeah, there are several whiteboard animation programs available, such as Animation Desk, FlipaClip, Moovly, Educrations, VidMaker FX, and Whiteboard.

Q4: Looking for the best results? How can I use Open Source Whiteboard Animation Software?

Take into account the following in order to maximize your use of open source whiteboard animation software:

1. Make quick films, between 60 and 90 seconds.

2. Use pertinent images to provide clearer explanations.

3. Modify the speed of the video to a comfortable level.

4. Take into account expert videographers for improved narrating.

The topic of movies was altered when whiteboard videos were introduced in 2009. The ability to easily make captivating educational videos for both personal and business use is facilitated by the abundance of free whiteboard animation software solutions. These software tools can be used to produce engaging interactive videos by combining creative audio and musical choices with visual elements.

The Development of Videos with Whiteboard Animation

The idea of whiteboard animated videos was hardly nonexistent in 2009. Within video advertising and marketing systems, “how to” campaigns dominated the consciousness of video production. That year, nonetheless, a pivotal moment happened when the main whiteboard animated videos appeared on YouTube. This signaled the start of a revolution in the field of animated films. Whiteboard movies are abundant on the internet these days, particularly on platforms like YouTube. Numerous free whiteboard animation software choices have emerged in response to the growing need for tutorial-style videos, meeting both private and commercial needs.

A captivating tale and the right tools are necessary for producing an engaging whiteboard animation video. Creating visually engaging instructional videos has never been easier thanks to the abundance of free whiteboard animation software and whiteboard animation effects available. Learn about the free apps that are included in this section. With them, you can create engaging, lively material by combining audio and visuals in a seamless manner. Feel free to incorporate music that complements your message to ensure a cohesive and powerful final product.

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