Even now, 2D animation is still a popular and timeless art form. There is a variety of 2D animation software alternatives available to meet your demands, regardless of your level of experience.

Examine the Top 10 2D Animation Software List in the United States Below.

In order to create characters, backdrops, storyboards, and eye-catching effects, 2D animation tools are a must. Known as two-dimensional (2D) painting, it creates flat, two-dimensional images of individuals and backgrounds. This software solution creates and manipulates animation using bitmap and vector pictures. The top free 2D animation software and tools are included below, along with information about their best features and links to their websites. Everything in this summary is free and open-source. and paid commercial vector

 1. Animated CC

A flexible tool for creating interactive bitmap and vector animations, Animate CC is perfect for online content, games, and applications. It provides you the ability to bring instructional materials and infographics to life.

REVIEW: Adobe Animate CC from a Flash Veteran's Point of View | Animation World Network


Top pick: Animate CC

Rating: 5.0  *

Special Features

  • Design fresh stances for vector objects or patterns.
  • Specify the degrees of kid and parent planning.
  • Make your own voice proofs and facial expressions.
  • Export the VR 360-degree film.
  • Make advertisements right within the animation.
  • Export photos at the desired resolution and avoid picture optimization by utilizing custom settings.


  • Interface that is easy to use.
  • Compatible with numerous operating systems.
  • For a wide range of customizing possibilities.


  • May require a significant learning curve.
  • Rooted phones have seen some advancements. Trial Period: Free for seven days [Life CC]

Whether you are a novice animator or a seasoned pro, these 2D animation tools are indispensable for realizing your artistic dreams.

2. Sketch Book 

SketchBook is a user-friendly 2D animation program that makes it simple for you to realize your ideas. It offers more than 140 fashionable brushes to improve your creations. You may easily add an infinite number of overlapping layers with this design..

Sketchbook Pricing & Reviews 2024 | Techjockey.com


*Special Features

  • Sketch simple forms like rectangles, circles, and so on.
  • Modify the guidelines to your liking.
  • Colorize your design with ease.
  • Layer import and export in Photoshop Document (PSD) format.


  • Offers strong visualization and graphic capabilities.
  • Compatible with numerous operating systems.
  • Makes time-lapse reporting possible.


  • having a restricted vector power.

3. Synfig

A flexible 2D vector graphics and animation application is called Synfig. The three main operating systems that this software is compatible with are Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Synfig – Free and open-source animation software


*Special Features

  • Change the vector shape of any image to another.
  • Connect layer parameters using numerical values.
  • Offer comprehensive animation settings for more than 50 levels.
  • Use bitmap pictures to create eye-catching cutout animation effects.


  • Open source and free software.
  • Excellent vector graphic support.
  • Compatible with a variety of platforms.


  • Ascertain the proper functional capacities.
  • Need for processing power

4. Animaker

Animaker is a 2D animation program available online that may be used to create animated maps, charts, BGs, characters, icons, and properties. It is among the greatest 2D animation programs for making movies that are perfect for presentations, organizations, independent contractors, and personal endeavors.

Animaker Disrupts Live Video Creation Market with Comprehensive DIY Creativity Suite



  • Six distinct video styles, including 2D, craft, whiteboard, infographics, 2.5 D, and typography, allow you to make engaging films.
  • Videos can be made by beginners and used for presentations and animations.
  • It is among the greatest free 2D animation programs available, with more than 200 different sound effects.
  • The device offers one hundred background music tracks.
  • You can immediately record sound recordings with it.
  • The team and the animator can collaborate.
  • Videos can be exported in full HD.
  • An academic who is an academic
  • user-friendly interface
  • Numerous distinct characters
  • Reasonably priced choices


  • On the free system videos will have watermarks.
  • Free life basic plan

5. Cartoon Animator

Cartoon Animator is a 2D animation software that lets you manipulate images to create animated and dynamic figures. This freeware makes it simple to turn audio into lip-service graphics.

2D Animation Software for Cartoon Maker | Cartoon Animator



  • This has the ability to record facial expressions.
  • Photoshop layers can be transformed into 2D characters.
  • allows for timing and range of motion adjustments.
  • Compound animations that are interactive can be made.
  • 4K high definition monitors are supported.
  • With Cartoon Animator, you can add motion to existing items to make them become 360 heads.
  • Check out the free 30-day trial of the cartoon animator

6. Krita

They produced a straightforward 2D animation tool that lets you alter your procedure. It is a free animation program with more than 100 brush designs.

Features | Krita




  • To make things easier, this animation software lets you add brush strokes.
  • Use nine distinct brush engines to customize your brushes.
  • You can use the integrated vector graphics tools to make humorous screens.
  • To create basic textures and forms, draw images along the x and y-axes.
  • You can import brush packs and textures created by other artists.
  • To arrange your artwork, you can command, level, or create layers.
  • The illustrated portion can be highlighted.
  • You can include the gorgeous artwork into your existing color scheme pipeline.

7. Pencil2d

A program for 2D hand-drawn animation is called Pencil2d. Lightweight and simple to operate. With this free 2D animation software, you may doodle and use pen while on the go.

Pencil2D Animation | Open Source animation software



  • Pencil2D is a cross-platform utility compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • It is freely usable for business endeavors.
  • By turning or rotating the work, you may rapidly review it.
  • The TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format is supported by this free 2D animation program.
  • An image can be imported into a certain frame as an extra layer.

8. OpenToons

An open-source program for creating animation is called Opentoonz. appropriate for four different scanning kinds. enables you to store scanning configurations.




  • Meets the requirements of TWAIN (Technology Without an Interesting Name).
  • You can now utilize anti-alias characters thanks to this.
  • This tool makes it simple to paint with transient colors.
  • The node tree can be used to produce effects using the Graphic User Interface (GUI).
  • Real scale coordinates can be used to diagrams.
  • Both raster and vector pictures can be used with this free 2D animation program.
  • Plug-ins allow you to apply multiple effects.

9. Stop Motion

For iOS, macOS, and iPhone, Stop Motion Studio is a potent 2D animation editor. Leading brands of cameras, including Canon, Nikon, and Sony, are supported.

Stop Motion Studio for Android - What is a stop motion movie?



  • It displays every one of your images sequentially in a frame-by-frame format.
  • You can designate entry and exit points in Stop Motion Studio to indicate particular scenes in your film that you want to playback and loop.
  • Numerous sound effects and melodic cuts are included.
  • Just like you would paint on a conventional canvas, a range of painting instruments are supplied.
  • This tool uses a magic trick to take out parts of the movie that you don’t want.
  • It aids in the creation of the credits screen and title.
  • It offers numerous possibilities for customizing the appearance of your film.

10. Harmony

An all-in-one tool for effective design, from conception to completion, is Harmony. It lets you to make graphics, add audio, and make it engaging.

Toon Boom Harmony 16 Tunes Up Pipeline Integration and Efficiency



  • fixing to create rounded edges.
  • With its ability to provide 3, 4, and 5-point curved perspective guides, it is among the greatest programs for 2D animation.
  • You may make cut animations with this application.
  • Software in the production pipeline is compatible with integration.
  • allows for 3D or 2D integration?
  • You can make 2D game animations with Harmony’s assistance.
  • Bitmaps, media files, Illustrator, PDF, and multilayer PSB and PSD files can all be imported.

11. Blender

Blender is a 2D computer graphics program used for games, animated films, visual effects, and other purposes. You may import or export video in the AVI, QuickTime, and MPEG file formats with this program.

blender.org - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software



  • An Python API for scripting and optimization is offered by this program.
  • The shortcuts are customizable.
  • It offers a way to keep an eye on reality level.
  • Your photographs are yours to produce, edit, craft, and modify.
  • It offers a real-time sneak peek at the tracked footage and 3D scenario.
  • Static characters can be animated to great effect.

12. FlipBook

FlipBook is a 2D animation program that creates flipping books in HTML from PDF files. Both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows can run it.

7 Free Flipbook Software for Windows Users - FlipHTML5




  • This lets you personalize the instrument.
  • Time can be subtracted by adding and removing frames.
  • You may take pencil test photos with FlipBook by just clicking the capture icon.
  • This software allows you to import four different kinds of images: backgrounds, overlays, videos, and cels.
  • Three other noises can be added.
  • This makes it possible for you to sketch quickly.
  • To specify the total number of frames you wish to create, use the number keys.

13. Moho Pro

A 2D animation solution that blends professional tools and animation technologies is called Moho Pro. This lets you give the characters unique textures and effects.



Moho Professor


  • You can make your own custom bitmap brush with its custom bitmap brush feature.
  • The tool now supports 3D objects more effectively.
  • As the camera moves, you can see the best object previews and modify the 3D object parameters.
  • Boolean operations, keywords, and subwords can all be used in searches.
  • By combining Bitmap Tools with frame-by-frame layers in Moho, you may build animations in the conventional method.

14. Tvpaint

A 2D software built on bitmap technology is called TVPaint. With this software, you may combine digital and paper animation to construct your project.

TVPaint Animation 10 Pro Free Download


Written by Tvapint


  • You may manage photos and layers with this tool.
  • Storyboards that you produce can be viewed animated right away.
  • With the FX stack, this free 2D animation program for PC lets you mix and match different effects.
  • Real-time control over the opacity, size, jitter, and angle of brushes can be achieved with a graphics tablet.
  • You may adjust live camera settings using Tvpaint, including hue, brightness, and tint.
  • An image can be enhanced with a sketching tool.

The most common queries (FAQs) regarding the top ten 2D animation programs available in the US are listed below.

Q: Which 2D animation program is most appropriate for novices?

A:  Number of 2D animation software options are highly recommended for novices. Popular options include Pencil2D, OpenToonz, and Synfig Studio. These programs are affordable since they are open-source and free. In addition, these platforms have intuitive user interfaces and minimal learning curves, making it possible for novices to get started with 2D animation without the need for costly software or lengthy training.

Q: Which 2D animation program is best for professionals?

A:  Professionals working in 2D animation frequently favor Moho Pro, Toon Boom Harmony, and Adobe Animate CC. These programs are well known for their rich feature sets and adaptability, giving animators strong tools at their disposal. It’s crucial to remember that these solutions are typically more expensive and sophisticated than beginner-friendly, so experienced users would be better off using them.

Q: What are the most important aspects of 2D animation software to take into account?

A: Depending on personal preferences and needs, different 2D animation program has different vital aspects to take into account. Nonetheless, a few crucial elements to give top priority are:

Drawing tools: To create characters and backdrops, look for software that provides a wide variety of drawing tools.

Animation tools: Verify that the program offers a range of tools for animating objects and characters.

Frame rate: The smoothness of your animation depends on your ability to establish and modify the frame rate.

Export options: To ensure maximum flexibility in sharing and distribution, look for software that supports a variety of export formats, including MP4, GIF, and PNG.

Cost: Verify that the program falls within your financial limits.

Q: Where can I locate further materials to expand my knowledge on 2D animation software?

A: wealth of materials is at your disposal to assist you learn more about 2D animation software. Among the useful resources are:

Online tutorials: Look through channels such as Vimeo, YouTube, and other websites that offer instruction on how to use 2D animation software.

Books: Look for books that offer thorough instructions on using 2D animation software that are available at libraries or bookstores.

Classes: Look into the alternatives for classes at art schools, community colleges in your area, and online learning environments that offer structured study.

Q: What are some pointers for choosing the best 2D animation program?

Take into account the following advice when selecting the best 2D animation program:

Determine your tastes and needs: Recognize your unique needs and give the features that meet them priority.

Make comprehensive research: To make an informed choice, read reviews, evaluate various software solutions, and obtain information.

Try out various software: Before making a purchase, experiment with different applications whenever you can. You can find the best option by putting them to the test yourself.

Ask for advice from professionals: If you’re not sure which program to select, don’t be afraid to ask for help from seasoned animators or software specialists.

I hope these answers help you!