Introducing the best 10 free whiteboard animation software available in Australia, and welcome to the world of creativity and storytelling! Using hand-drawn graphics, whiteboard animation has emerged as an engaging and powerful tool for bringing ideas to life, engaging audiences, and bringing stories to life. These free software solutions provide an entry point into the world of animated storytelling, whether you’re a professional looking for cutting-edge marketing tools or an educator hoping to improve classroom presentations. Without charging you a dime, we’ll examine the best free whiteboard animation tools in Australia in this extensive overview.

With its distinctive features, intuitive user interfaces, and abundance of creative resources, each software facilitates the creation of visually outstanding animated videos with ease. These tools meet a wide range of purposes and are perfect for educators, creative types, and corporations alike. They include everything from robust voice-overs to a broad image library. With our top 10 selections, explore the wonders of whiteboard animation and unleash the power to enthrall your viewers, increase engagement, and elevate your narrative abilities.

These free software choices are your key to bringing your ideas to life with eye-catching graphics, regardless of your level of experience as an animator or where you are in your creative journey. With the top free whiteboard animation software accessible in Australia, get ready to discover the world of animation, let your creativity run wild, and turn your ideas into gripping stories! Here is the best collection of free whiteboard animation software that Australia has to offer:

 1. Vyond

Vyond, formerly Goanimate, is a potent whiteboard animation program designed for modern and advertising videos. Easily produce instructional, instructional, and commercial videos. Take advantage of a wide range of template options, copyright-free audio recordings, an intuitive UI, and an abundance of character customization options.Vyond Out of Context (Video 2023) - IMDb


Verdict: Vyond is a strong and adaptable technology, but because of its price, larger companies or enterprise users would benefit more from using it.

Price: The Essential Plan ($299/year), the Premium Plan ($649/year), and the Professional Plan ($999/year) are the three plans that Vyond offers.

2. My Simple Show

My Simple Show has the most creative, interesting, and straightforward corporate videos available. This 2008-founded software lets you make videos in several steps by giving you the choice to upload a pre-made PowerPoint file or choose your own plot. Savor the sophisticated explanation engine, simple voice recording, and practical exporting choices.

Create your own explainer video with simpleshow video maker - YouTube


Verdict: My Simple Show handles all the technical work and is very easy to use. Although the free trial is available, the premium membership is more expensive.

Price: My Simple Show offers three packages – Premium Fun Plan ($5.99/month), Business Plan ($129/month), and Pro Plan ($499/month).

3. TruScribe

An outstanding online whiteboard video solution for improving communication both inside and externally is called TruScribe. Take advantage of clean voice-overs, distinct backdrop textures and images, a selection of high-contrast color schemes, and the ability to tweak films even after they are finished. There are also industry-specific themes available.

Engage and Captivate with TruScribe Whiteboard Explainer Videos


Verdict: TruScribe is an Android-compatible, free whiteboard software solution that is available in English.

4. Camtasia

Among the many effective whiteboard animation programs for Mac and Windows, Camtasia is one of the best. Its simple layout and compatibility for a wide range of media formats make it ideal for novices. Take advantage of several timelines, integrated animations, and audio and image files that are free of copyright restrictions.

TechSmith Camtasia 2022 | TechRadar


Verdict: Camtasia’s user-friendly interface makes it the perfect option for editing videos in a high-quality manner. In just a few hours, novices can master the UI and produce their first piece of content.

Price: Camtasia’s license is approximately $300, and it is a one-time purchase that doesn’t require yearly or monthly renewals. There’s a trial version available for free.

5. Renderforest

The best tool for making animated tutorials, presentations, commercial videos, and logos in a professional style is Renderforest. Even inexperienced users can create like pros thanks to its stunning and intuitive structure. Take advantage of simple logo design, excellent video templates, and even simple website building.

Explore, Discover, and Learn | Renderforest


Verdict: Renderforest is a great option for freelancers and small enterprises because of its affordability and ease of use.

Price: A limited-featured free version is available on Renderforest. Lite Plan ($7/month), Amateur Plan ($10/month), Pro Plan ($20/month), and Agency Plan ($40/month) are among the paid plans.

Choose from a variety of whiteboard animation options that suit different demands and budgets, then unleash your creativity!

6. VideoScribe

Greetings from VideoScribe, the best tool for rapidly and easily producing eye-catching whiteboard animation videos. You may easily generate faultless videos with our software; there’s no need to hire costly designers or voice actors.

Make Distraction Impossible - Sparkol


Choose from an array of hand styles and backdrop textures, including an entertaining monster hand. Our image library will not disappoint with over 6000 photographs organized into 40 different categories. Create charts, alter your graphics, and take advantage of the built-in voice-over recording feature. You can even use 300 audio tracks that are free of copyright.

Verdict: VideoScribe is an ideal animation tool for small and medium-sized enterprises. Despite having many features, it does not support MP4 directly and does not offer strong audio control or unique visual tweaking.

Price: There is a seven-day free trial available. Next, select the Quarterly Plan ($35/3 months), Yearly Plan ($96/year), or Monthly Plan ($17/month).

7. Moovly

Moovly is an online tool that lets you use your imagination to make creative explainer, promotional, and video content. Take advantage of collaboration features, animations, and transitional effects for smooth workflow management. Broadcast your videos on websites like Vimeo and YouTube with ease by having access to over a million assets.


Verdict: Moovly is an inexpensive, user-friendly animation tool with cutting-edge capabilities. It works well with English, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and many more languages. It could be better, though, in terms of the quantity of free audios and the availability of templates.

Price: Moovly has a free plan that limits the duration of videos to two minutes. The Pro Plan ($49/month) and the Max Plan ($99/month) offer additional benefits.

8. Animaker

Presenting Animaker, a cloud-based animation film creator suitable for all skill levels and suitable for novices and non-designers alike. Select from a variety of pre-made templates to quickly and easily make explanation films. Animaker provides all the features you need to make your videos stand out, including millennial characters and over 50 human-like voice-overs in 25 languages.

Press Releases | Animaker


Verdict: Animaker is a wonderful alternative to test before committing, as most functionalities are available during free trials..

Price: Select between the $10/month Basic Plan, the $19/month Starter Plan, and the $33/month Pro Plan.

9. Animatron Studio

For HTML5 videos, video animation, and marketing videos, Animatron Studio is the best choice. Make stunning cartoons and explainer videos without the help of a professional. Working with it is a joy because to the bulk uploading feature and user-friendly style.

Animatron Wave


Verdict: Animatron Studio has many notable features, including closed captioning, social sharing, brand overlay, compatibility for mobile screens, and more. The free stock videos were deemed inadequate by some users, and speed may be increased.

Price: Select between the $30/month Pro Plan and the $60/month Business Plan.

10. Powtoon

An animation program hosted on the cloud that offers ten templates, one music track, and one movie as part of its free plan. Exports of videos in HD resolution are supported.Video Maker | Make Videos and Animations Online | Powtoon


Please be aware that every software may have different features and restrictions associated with the free plans. When choosing a plan, it is imperative to compare the options.

Think about the following aspects while selecting a free program for whiteboard animation:

Features: Make sure the program has the features you need, like an HD video export feature, music tracks, and a library of characters and scenes.

Usability: Choose software that is simple to use, even for inexperienced users.

Ease of use: Opt for software that is user-friendly, even for beginners.

Customer support: Verify that the program provides trustworthy customer service in case you require any help.

To give you more details about the best 10 free whiteboard animation programs available in Australia, here is a FAQ section:

Q1: Is it totally free to utilize these software applications for whiteboard animation?

A1: The software on this list does indeed have free plans available. On the other hand, some can impose restrictions or watermarks on videos made with the free version.

Q2: Can I use these software tools to export videos in high definition (HD) quality?

A2: It is possible to export HD-quality videos from a number of the software programs mentioned, including Renderforest, MySimpleShow, RawShorts, Moovly, Biteable, and Powtoon.

Q3: Are these programs appropriate for novice users?

A3: Absolutely, the most of the programs on our list are made to be easily used by novices who are not experienced with whiteboard animation.

Q4: Are there customer service hours for these software programs?

A4: It is advised to select whiteboard animation software that provides strong customer support in case you require any help or have inquiries, even though customer support availability may differ.

Q5: Can I use these software applications to access a range of characters, scenarios, and music tracks?

A5: Although the exact numbers may differ, the software described here usually gives users access to a library of characters, settings, and musical selections. Before selecting a program, make sure to review its features and offers.

Q6: Can I use these apps on desktop and cloud computing platforms?

A6: A combination of desktop and cloud-based software is included in the list. Desktop programs include Explaindio and Videoscribe, while the others cloud-based.

Q7: Should I weigh the pros and cons of the various plans before choosing a software?

A7: It is crucial to evaluate the features and constraints of the free plans provided by various software providers in order to ascertain which one best suits your needs.

Don’t forget to check out the individual websites of these software packages for further information and to remain informed about their most recent releases.