The genre of animation is constantly changing and is present in many facets of our modern society, including history, education, entertainment, and business. However, it can be intimidating to start animating, especially on a Mac. We’ve done the legwork for you, so don’t worry. Put your cares away and get ready to explore a world full of adventures.

11 Best Character Animation Software for Beginners & Pros

This carefully chosen list covers a wide range, providing the ideal options for new businesses seeking both straightforward and sophisticated solutions that call for seasoned experts.

You’re in luck if you’ve been hunting for animation software. With our help, you’ll be able to find the ideal equipment to let your imagination run wild and your creativity soar.

1. Pencil2D Animation Software

The painting industry welcomes you with open arms if creating and painting are your genuine passions. With an easy-to-use interface and sophisticated capabilities for producing hand-drawn animations, Pencil2D is a 2D animation software for Mac and PC.

Pencil2D Animation | Open Source animation software


Content with Pencil2D

  • Easy animation due to efficient drawing effects.
  • Additional keyframes and layers supported.
  • Export audio to well-known video formats after importing it.
  • A selection of high-quality pencil, ink, and watercolor brushes.
  • Compatible with both vector and raster images.
  • Lighting and distortion effects for further realism.

Pencil2D personnel

  • Export your works in the following formats: Avi, Mp4, Webm, GIF, or Apng.
  • open-source software that has a strong user base.
  • An intuitive workspace and interface.
  • An effective tool for fans of 2D animation.

Disadvantages of Pencil2D

  • Compatibility with previous operating systems for sophisticated functionality.
  • Basic drawing supplies are needed.
  • No ability to use 3D animation.

*Pencil2D Price

  • This program is open source and free.

*Supports styles

  • excellent 2D animation.

2. Blender Animation Software

Blender, true to its name, blends simple creativity with its advanced tools, serving up a delicious animation smoothie. The software is available for both 2D and 3D animation on the Mac, and is a three-dimensional marvel, adept at handling everything from complex 3D objects in motion to layout and execution on on the back of the head. - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation  Software



Blender Features

  • An intricate simulation of physics.
  • Signal capture application.
  • Independent non-linear animation.
  • Three-dimensional model.
  • The creation of textures and PBR materials.
  • 3D illumination and visuals.
  • Composition of images and videos.
  • Python programs.
  • In-depth and much more.


  • Being open-source permits modification and broad application.
  • Complete solutions for modeling, physics simulation, compositing, video editing, and 2D and 3D animation.
  • Bright source of instructions, videos, and add-ons.
  • The ability to integrate several executable files and other software, including game engines.
  • It Has low system requirements and functions well on the majority of PCs.


  • Beginners may find the learning curve challenging. – Users may gain from enhancements.
  • Support and documentation might not work with for-profit products.Cost of Blender
  • It is a Mac animation program that is available for free.

*Blender Price

It is a Mac animation program that is available for free.

*Supports styles

Stop motion, cartoons, interactive characters, whiteboard animation, and 2D and 3D animation.

You can conquer the world of animation with these formidable tools. These software solutions enable you to express your creativity and realize your artistic ambitions, regardless of your level of experience. Enter the amazing world of animation now, and watch your creativity soar.

*3. Adobe Character Animator Animation Software

Because Adobe Character Animator is built for character animation, it’s ideal for developing interactive experiences, cartoon series, and instructive videos. With an intuitive UI and cutting-edge functionality, it makes the process of bringing characters to life easier.


2D animation software | Adobe


*Features of Adobe Character Animator:*

  • More than 300 full-body animated characters in a motion library.
  • An introductory mode made to help newcomers get started with animation right away.
  • A fast export tool for effective exports of animations.

*Adobe Character Animator Pros:*

  • A free introductory strategy appropriate for novices.
  • Animations created can be printed in any location.
  • For gorgeous vector illustrations.
  • Provide its user communities important support.

*Cons of Adobe Character Animator:*

  • The HEIC format is not supported.
  • Gain from expert camera management.
  • Its animation skills may be improved by new features.

*Price for Adobe Character Animator:*

  • A seven-day free trial.
  • Creative Cloud All Apps: $52.99 a month for a whole year.
  • Faculty and students: $19.99 each month for a year.
  • Performance: Annual bills begin at $33.99 per month.

*Supports styles:*

Cartoon characters, 2D and 3D models, and characters.

*4. VideoScribe animation software:*

An effective whiteboard animation tool that makes explainer video production easier is called VideoScribe. It is perfect for marketers, business owners, and everyone else who wants to engage their audience with eye-catching pictures because it has a ton of tools that let you produce amazing visuals.

Whiteboard animation made easy with VideoScribe | Videoscribe


*Videoscribe features:*

  • 9 hand styles, including monstrous hands, and nine backdrop textures.
  • Large image collection with more than 6000 photos divided into 40 categories.
  • Customization options for images.
  • Voiceover integrated in.
  • Exports of high definition video.

*Video writing pros:*

  • A staff of help representatives for queries and issues from users
  • Excellent service for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • About 300 uncopyrighted audio cassettes available.

*Cons of videoscribe:*

  • MP4 support cannot be accessed directly.
  • Enhanced audio functionalities.
  • Pricing may not be to everyone’s taste.

*VideoScribe price:*

  • 7-DAY free trial; options for late payments consist of:
  • The monthly plan is $17.
  • $35 for three months is the plan.
  • Annual plan 3: $96 annually

*Supports styles:*

Whiteboard, 3D, and 2D models.

*5. SideFX: Houdini Animation Software:*

SideFX A complete 3D animation software, Houdini is renowned for its node-based processing power and VFX features. This method is the best for producing VFX from scratch and is how 3D animation is made on a Mac.

Inside the latest SideFX Houdini demo project: 'The Dawning' - befores & afters


*Features in SideFX: Houdini:*

  • PyrofX for the appearance of real fire.
  • Simulating realistic water using water.
  • The incorporation of living life.
  • Damage FX to simulate organic damage.
  • ragdoll dynamics in finite elements, grains, and crowds.

*SideFX Pros : Houdini:*

  • Regarded as one of the greatest programs for generating visual effects from scratch.
  • Exceeding expectations in the design and upkeep of simulations.
  • Offers several possibilities in the shader settings
  • Provides more direct modeling with advanced modeling tools.

*Cons of SideFX: Houdini:*

  • Interfaces based on nodes might be intricate.
  • Usage might use some refinement and initially look daunting.
  • Not affordable for novices or small enterprises.

*SideFX: The pricing of Houdini:*.

  • Free instruction.
  • US$4,495 for HOUDINI FX (Artist Edition) and US$6,995 for HOUDINI FX (Studio Edition).

*Supports styles:*

2D, 3D, and Whiteboard models.

*6. animation software:*

A feature-rich program for making animated GIFs from videos is It’s simple to use Mac animation program that makes it easier to convert films into hilarious and cool GIFs.

Sprite deformer tool animated gif


*Features from*

  • The ability to caption GIFs.
  • An instrument for stickers.
  • Quickly make a single meme.
  • To make GIFs, import videos from different sources.

* Pros :*

  • A user-friendly interface that makes creating GIFs faster.
  • Operational efficiency.

*Cons of*

  • The free version contains watermarks.
  • Image to GIF conversion is limited.

* pricing:*

  • A free version is accessible.
  • The Premium Edition’s price:
  • GIFs 1-2: $1.99; GIFs 3-11: $5.99;
  • GIFs 12-28: $10.99 – 29–58 GIFs $19.99 for GIFs;
  • $39.99 for 59–108 GIFs;
  • $59.99 for unlimited GIFs

*Supports styles:*

2D, 3D, and Whiteboard models.

*7. Adobe Photoshop Animation Software:*

A powerful tool for making GIFs and animations is Adobe Photoshop. You can create amazing dynamic works of art out of static photographs with its array of capabilities, including AI-powered Neural Filters, Content-Aware Fill, and other features.

Creative cloud 3D animation in Photoshop CC 2015.1


*Adobe Photoshop Features:*

  • Use AI-powered Neural Filters to edit images.
  • To use Content-Aware Fill, click Delete once.
  • GPU status log.
  • Support for Emoji glyphs.
  • Life Shield (Alpha).
  • A tool for removal.

*Adobe Photoshop Pros :*

  • 100 GB of cloud storage is available with the premium version.
  • A step-by-step guide for comprehending business processes.
  • Availability of the newest goods.
  • Accommodates various camera kinds.

*Adobe Photoshop Cons :*

  • A challenging learning curve for novices.
  • Managing a large number of photos may lead to delays.
  • Quite costly, which restricts access for

*Price for Adobe Photoshop:*

  • A seven-day free trial before placing an order:
  • $30.57 per month
  • Monthly payment for the year: $20.37
  • Prepaid Annually: $232.96

*Supports styles:*

2D, 3D, Gif animation.

*8. GIMP Animation Software:*

GIMP is a feature-rich tool for making GIF animations; it can transform still photos into animated GIFs. It has a learning curve, but for those who want to make limitless GIF animations, it’s a terrific solution.

Animation in GIMP | Learn How to create animation in GIMP?


*Features in GIMP:*

  • Simple to modify.
  • Quick rendering using an image renderer for mass design.
  • To utilize editable images, use an image format converter.
  • Enhanced user interface for scripting.
  • Strong gradient mixing and editing capabilities.
  • Complete support for the alpha channel.
  • A configuration database that allows external systems to call internal GIMP functionalities.

*Pros of GIMP:*

  • Simple GIF generation
  • Free and available to everybody.
  • Implementing high-end photo-editing technology.

*Cons of GIMP:*

  • Complex tasks may call for a certain level of organizing skills.
  • Accuracy and general efficacy must be increased.

*Pricing of the Gimp:*

without having to pay anything.

*Style supports this:*

GIF animation for illustration purposes.

*9. iStopMotion animation software:*

One of the best stop-motion animation tools available only for Mac OS is iStopMotion by Boinx. The greatest classic movies and allusions,gaining traction among animators.

Top 8 Stop Motion Animation Software for Mac and PC [2023]


*iStopMotion Features:*

  • peeling onions to provide context.
  • The ability to move, pause, and change times.
  • Chroma-specific attributes.
  • a verbal blunders.

*Pros of iStopMotion software:*

  • Simple to use and appropriate for novices.
  • Before taking the pictures, watch the movie.
  • Operational efficiency.

*Cons of iStopMotion software:*

  • Costly; restricts access.
  • The more costly model has fewer features.
  • Exclusive to Mac OS.

*Pricing :*

  • free –
  • Regular license (one-time purchase): $50 USD.

*Style supports this:*

GIF animation can be either 2D or 3D.

*10. DragonFrame Animation Software:*

Experts utilize the well-liked stop-motion animation program Dragonframe to produce breathtaking 2D and 3D animations. It provides unmatched precision, intricacy, and control.

Dragonframe Software Features


*Dragon Frame Features :*

  • Precise manipulation of animation instruments.
  • recording and live viewing.
  • Sound recording.
  • They are modifiable.
  • Audio lip-syncing, motion control, and keyframe animation.

*Pros of Dragonframe software:*

  • Interface that is easy to use.
  • Increased output.
  • Support for more than one camera.
  • The skin’s cleansing.
  • Contemporary imaging apparatus.
  • Good efficiency and functionality.

*Cons of Dragonframe software:*

  • When processing or showing a lot of data, it could be slow.
  • Not affordable for novices or small-scale animation productions.

*Pricing :*

  • Free Easy 30-Day Version.
  • All-inclusive software
  • Keypad-equipped annual subscription: US$139
  • keypad-less annual subscription: US$119
  • Student Version of Software:
  • An annual subscription with a keypad costs US$99
  • one without a keyboard costs US$79.

*Supports styles:*

Still photos, 3D, and 2D.

*11. Moovly Animation Software:*

A cloud-based animation program called Moovly is used to enhance animated videos and presentations. Its intuitive interface makes it suited for a wide range of applications, catering to both novices and experts.

Create your own free animations with Moovly


*Features of Moovly:*

  • A tool for drag-and-drop animation.
  • A selection of prefabricated backdrops, people, and objects.
  • A lot of snow is present.
  • Bring in picture, video, and audio files.
  • Support for audio recording and voiceover.
  • Instantaneous cooperation.
  • Disseminating content on websites like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.

*Moovly Pros :*

  • Drag-and-drop editor with an intuitive UI.
  • An abundance of themes and templates.
  • Instantaneous cooperation.
  • Cloud-based, which does not require strong hardware.
  • Reasonably priced pricing plans for both individuals and enterprises.

*Cons of Moovly :*

  • Fewer customization choices than in other animation applications.
  • A few users have brought up

*Moovly pricing:*

  • Pro: $33.25 monthly or $399 yearly.
  • Maximum: $599 annually or $49.92 per month.
  • Enterprise: Provide a pricing report.

*Style supports this:*

2D and 3D modeling.

Ready to enter the world of animation?

You learned about a variety of Mac animation software options in this thorough guide, each suited to a distinct set of requirements and ability levels. Regardless of your level of experience, as an animator, you now possess a set of tools to realize your imaginative idea.

The best software for you will rely on your unique requirements and goals. Beginners can experiment and learn the fundamentals without having to pay for anything with free options like Blender and Pencil2D. On the other hand, take into consideration Moovly, Dragonframe, or Adobe Animate if you require more sophisticated capabilities.

Whether you make animations for commercial, personal, or recreational purposes, the animation software you select will ultimately depend on your unique requirements, objectives, and tastes. Now that we’ve saved you a ton of time on research, feel free to use your imagination to create a visually striking piece.

Please get in touch with us if you need help or if you have any more queries. Fascinating Animation

Frequently Asked Questions about 2D Animation Software for Beginners

Do you want to know more about 2D animation software? The following frequently asked questions should help you grasp the fundamentals:

1. What is 2D animation software?

Computer programs that let users produce 2D animations are referred to as 2D animation software. Comics, cartoons, and short films are just a few of the mediums that frequently use these animations.

2. What are the benefits of using 2D animation software?

Using 2D animation software has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Usability: The majority of 2D animation software is made to be as user-friendly as possible, making it suitable for novices. Animating is a fantastic medium for learning and experimenting because it can be started without a lot of technical experience.
  • Strong features: 2D animation software usually comes with a number of strong features to improve your work. To achieve fluid and dynamic motion, these techniques may involve tweening, onion skinning, and frame-by-frame animation.
  • Affordability: There are solutions to fit a variety of budgets thanks to the availability of both free and commercial 2D animation tools. Without sacrificing quality, you can select software that fits within your budget.

3. Which 2D animation software is best for beginners?

Several 2D animation software options cater specifically to beginners. Some popular choices include:

  1. Pencil2D: This free and open-source program has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it perfect for novices. It offers necessary functions such as frame-by-frame animation and onion skinning.
  2. OpenToonz: Another free and open-source program with a background in professional animation production, OpenToonz offers a variety of capabilities in an environment that is suitable for beginners.
  3. Synfig Studio is an open-source, free program that is well-known for its vector-based animation features. It provides strong tools for making intricate animations that are both scalable and resolution independent.
  4. Adobe Animate CC: Despite being a premium tool, professionals frequently utilize

When choosing the best 2D animation software for your purposes, take your tastes, spending limit, and preferred learning curve into account.

With any luck, these FAQs have improved your knowledge of 2D animation software and its advantages for novices. Have fun letting your imagination run wild and discovering the realm of animation!