Choosing Between Doodly Vs Powtoon: Which Whiteboard Animation Software Suits You?

Whiteboard animation software offers a compelling means of creating engaging and informative videos. Among the popular options in this category are Doodly and Powtoon. In this article, we will compare these two software programs based on factors such as ease of use, features, pricing, and customer support. Additionally, we will provide valuable tips to help you select the right whiteboard animation software for your specific requirements.

Ease of Use

Both Doodly and Powtoon are relatively user-friendly; however, Doodly is often regarded as the more accessible choice. Its simple interface and streamlined feature set make it an excellent option, particularly for beginners. If you prioritize quick and easy video creation, Doodly is an ideal fit. Conversely, if you seek more advanced functionalities, Powtoon may better cater to your needs.


Doodly and Powtoon each offer a range of features, yet notable distinctions exist between the two. Doodly is tailored specifically for whiteboard animation, providing features that align with this style. For instance, it offers a library of ready-made characters and props that seamlessly integrate into your videos.

In contrast, Powtoon is a more versatile animation software, serving as a multipurpose tool. It grants you the ability to create cartoon-style videos, infographic videos, and real-world videos, expanding your creative options beyond whiteboard animation.


Both Doodly and Powtoon provide various pricing plans. Doodly’s plans start at $19 per month, while Powtoon’s begin at $16 per month.

Doodly’s pricing is structured around the number of videos you produce each month. If your video creation needs are modest, Doodly’s pricing proves more affordable. However, if you anticipate generating a substantial volume of videos monthly, Powtoon’s pricing may offer a more cost-effective solution.

Customer Support

Both Doodly and Powtoon extend customer support to their users. Doodly provides support through email, phone, and live chat, whereas Powtoon offers assistance via email and tickets.

Doodly is generally recognized for its responsive customer support, although both companies provide satisfactory assistance to their users.

Tips for Choosing the Right Whiteboard Animation Software

Assess your requirements: Determine the types of videos you intend to create. If whiteboard animation suffices, Doodly is a suitable choice. For a broader range of video styles, Powtoon may be a better fit.
Consider your budget: Doodly offers more affordable pricing compared to Powtoon. However, if you anticipate frequent video production, Powtoon’s pricing might prove more cost-effective.
Evaluate necessary features: Do you require an extensive library of characters and props? Are cartoon-style, infographic, or real-world videos essential to your projects?
Factor in customer support: Determine the level of importance you place on responsive customer support.


Doodly and Powtoon both excel as whiteboard animation software programs. The optimal choice for you hinges on your unique requirements and preferences.

Doodly is an excellent option if you seek user-friendly software with ample features dedicated to whiteboard animation. On the other hand, Powtoon offers a more versatile animation solution, encompassing various styles and features.

Regardless of your choice, both software programs empower you to create captivating and informative videos that effectively convey your message.

Frequently Asked Questions: Doodly vs Powtoon

Here are some commonly asked questions about Doodly and Powtoon, along with their respective answers:

Q: Which is easier to use, Doodly or Powtoon?

A: Doodly is generally considered the more user-friendly option due to its simpler interface and fewer features. It is an excellent choice for beginners in whiteboard animation, offering an easy learning curve and swift video creation. However, if you seek more advanced features, Powtoon might be a better fit.

Q: Which has more features, Doodly or Powtoon?

A: Powtoon boasts a wider array of features compared to Doodly. As a general-purpose animation software, Powtoon enables the creation of various video styles, including whiteboard animation, cartoon-style, infographic, and real-world videos. Doodly, on the other hand, is specifically designed for whiteboard animation, offering features tailored to this specific style.

Q: Which is more affordable, Doodly or Powtoon?

A: Doodly’s pricing is generally more affordable than Powtoon’s. Doodly’s plans start at $19 per month, while Powtoon’s plans start at $16 per month. However, if you require frequent video production, Powtoon’s pricing may prove more cost-effective.

Q: Which has better customer support, Doodly or Powtoon?

A: Doodly’s customer support is often recognized for its responsiveness, though both companies offer satisfactory customer support services.

Q: Which is the best whiteboard animation software for me?

A: The best whiteboard animation software depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you desire user-friendly software with a variety of features, Doodly is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you seek a more versatile animation software with a broader range of features, Powtoon may be a better fit.

Additionally, consider the following factors when choosing between Doodly and Powtoon:

Your animation experience: Doodly is ideal for beginners due to its ease of learning, while Powtoon caters to those with more animation expertise by offering advanced features.
Your budget: Doodly generally offers more affordable pricing, but for extensive video creation needs, Powtoon’s pricing may be more cost-effective.
The types of videos you want to create: Doodly is a strong choice for whiteboard animation videos specifically, while Powtoon provides greater versatility for a wider variety of video styles.

We hope this information Doodly vs powtoon helps you make an informed decision!